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Wichtiger Hinweis: E-Mails der h_da erreichen einzelne Empfänger nicht

Dear prospective students and students,

We would like to inform you that there may currently be delays in the processing of e-mails.

Some h_da addresses have been victims of phishing attacks in recent weeks. E-mails from h_da to external addresses can be recognised as spam by e-mail providers. It is therefore possible that these emails are not delivered or that the provider rejects them directly. This also applies to some e-mails from student accounts.

Therefore, if possible, please contact us by phone at: +49 6151 533 68420 if you do not receive an answer from us in a timely manner or if you have an urgent request.
Applicants can check their application status directly at my.h-da.de. Log in with your own e-mail address and the password assigned for the registration process.
We ask all interested parties to leave a telephone number with their request so that we can reach you by telephone.

At present, we have no information as to when the e-mail delivery will return to normal. The university's IT department will keep you informed via the official h_da website. Thank you for your understanding.

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