Part-time or dual

1. Combine studies and profession!

In addition to theoretical content, you can expect practical instruction in the form of projects and case studies. You can then apply the specialist knowledge you have acquired during your studies directly in your workplace. At the same time, you can bring your professional experience into your studies. This creates a varied and interesting learning environment for everyone involved, in which company know-how and teaching at the university complement each other perfectly.

The degree programme is offered in a dual and part-time form. Simply choose the variant that suits you!

We have presented the similarities and differences between the two study options on → IBWL compact.

2. Part-time IBWL

You would like to complete a course of study without your professional activities being affected. It is great if you have an employer who supports you and pays all or part of the study costs. Maybe they also support you in terms of content - all the better. But even without an employer or without your company finding out about it, you can study IBWL (M.Sc.) at the h_da in the part-time version.
In the part-time variant, the study takes place independently of the employer. The company where the Master's student works is not involved in the study programme. 

3. Dual IBWL

The dual study programme is conducted in cooperation between the university and the company. Theory and practice are closely interlinked. Work is integrated into the degree programme. Special practical projects are used to deal scientifically with concrete tasks from the work environment.

You have successfully applied to a company that would like to accompany you through the IBWL degree programme in close cooperation with us. Each semester you will complete a practical project in your partner company. The company will cover the study costs for you and pay you a monthly allowance.

Information on the dual study programme and contract templates can be found on this page:

Dual Study Centre of the  h_da.



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