Registration - IBWL Bachelor

  1. Overview of the registration
  2. Registration requirements
  3. Start of studies & registration deadlines
  4. University entrance qualification
  5. Recognitions

Overview of the registration

Registration for the IBWL Bachelor is very simple. You register online for both study options, send us your documents, and sign the study contract.

If you do not have a certified copy of your certificates at hand, you are welcome to show us the originals and we will make a copy for our records. Please contact or Ms. Cirella by telephone to make an appointment.

Registration for the part-time option

  1. You register online via the → university portal.
  2. You send us the application for admission and your documents.
  3. You return the signed study contract to us.

Registration for the dual variant

  1. Your company signs the cooperation agreement with the university.
  2. You register online via the → university portal. You receive the required password from your company.
  3. You send us the application for admission, your documents and your study contract.

If you have any questions about registration, please feel free to contact us at any time. You will find our contact details in the right-hand column. We look forward to hearing from you!


Initially, there are no prerequisites to be fulfilled for entry into the part-time variant. For your enrolment in the study part of the programme (semesters 7 and 8), you must be able to prove that you have a → university entrance qualification.

The prerequisite for enrolment in the dual programme is that you have a → university entrance qualification and have successfully applied to a suitable company. The company will conclude a cooperation agreement with the university and a study agreement with you.

Further information on possible cooperation partners for the dual study programme as well as contract templates can be found at: → Duales Studienzentrum der h_da.


Start of programme & application deadlines

The IBWL Bachelor Programme starts in the summer semester (1 April) and in the winter semester (1 October). You should observe the following deadlines and dates when registering:


Registration for the winter semester:

  • Registration period: 1 November 2020 to 15 September 2021.
  • The winter semester always begins on 1 October.
  • The introductory event usually takes place in the first week of October.
  • The courses usually start in the second week of October. You can find the specific times for your start of studies in the → timetable.


Registration for the summer semester:

  • Registration period: 01 May 2021 to 15 March 2022.
  • The summer semester always begins on 1 April.
  • The introductory event usually takes place in the first week of April.
  • The courses usually start in the second week of April. Please refer to the → timetable for the specific times when you can start your studies.


Application deadline expired?

Give us a call! Phone: +49.6151.533-68420.


If there are still places available, we will be happy to consider your application. Please note that applications submitted after the deadline may not be accepted for organisational reasons.

University Entrance Qualification

There are different types of higher education entrance qualification (HZB). The most common type is the school-based HZB, colloquially known as the Abitur or Fachabitur. You can find out whether you have a school-based HZB or which type of HZB you have on your school report. The following HZB entitle you to study IBWL at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences:

  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification in the field of economics

In addition, there are several forms of HZB for vocationally qualified students. The following options come into consideration for you:

  • Completed master craftsman's examination or equivalent qualification
  • Intermediate school leaving certificate & three-year apprenticeship, completed after 01.01.2011 with a grade of 2.5 or better (pilot scheme in Hesse)
  • Passed the university entrance examination for the field of study Law and Economics

The → university entrance examination for the field of study Law and Economics is taken centrally for all Hessian universities at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Tip: If your education or professional activity is not related to the field of business studies, the modules in IBWL completed in the first semesters count as qualified continuing education for the required continuing education hours.

For further information on the HZB for professionally qualified students, please contact the → Student Service Centre at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.


For more information on the various access options to Hessian universities, please visit the pages of the → Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK).

Recognition of previous achievements (certificates, further education (DQR 6&7), courses from another degree programme)

Do you have certificates and further education courses at DQR 6 or 7 level that match the content of IBWL B.Sc. modules? Perhaps you have already completed a similar degree programme? Recognition of individual modules based on corresponding achievements is possible. It is best to check which modules will be recognised when you register. The FAQ of the examination board deals extensively with this topic on pages 17 and 18 and thus gives you the opportunity to assess in advance whether your recognition has a chance of success.



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Lecture attendance

Interested in attending a lecture?

You select your favourite lecture (and an alternative) from the timetable and contact us. We will let you know when the seminar is in the building and inform the lecturer.

We look forward to seeing you!

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