Voices of the participants

Alisha Heider

"After a commercial apprenticeship and subsequent job, I longed for 'more'. I started thinking about what employers are actually looking for. What does the perfect employee look like? The answer: every conceivable degree, years of professional experience, but at the same time as young as possible. Requirements that actually contradict each other. But with a part-time course of study, this becomes possible. You have the chance to take up a degree programme and continue to gain the necessary professional experience. In times of globalisation, the international character of the degree programme is another advantage that should not be missed."


Graduate of IBWL (B.Sc.)

Official in Charge, Magistrate of the City of Dieburg

Michael Fuchs

“The part-time IBWL course was the ideal opportunity for me to further qualify myself in addition to my work in a well-founded and practical way. With the bachelor's degree, I create the ideal basis for my further professional career. With the backing of my employer and my private environment, I still had enough time for my hobbies despite the double burden. "


Graduated from IBWL (B.Sc.)

Marketing communications Businessman, Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg eG

Manuela Knaak

"With the IBWL bachelor's degree programme, I built on my commercial training and expanded my professional competence in the direction of technical and management qualifications. The part-time study programme offers the advantage of staying in professional practice and thus successively developing into a specialist. In addition, I have the certainty that I will have an adequate job after graduation. Of course, financial security also plays a role. My employer supports and encourages its employees very much, so the studies can also be managed well alongside a full-time job."


Graduate of IBWL (B.Sc.)

Human Resources Controller, Merck KGaA

Paul Trautmann

"Studying IBWL gave me the opportunity to complete an academic degree in parallel with a demanding job, without foregoing professional experience, further development and the security of a steady income. As a commercial employee in a multinational company, the decision to study business administration that takes international aspects into account was obvious. My employer welcomes any form of further education. IBWL has been known in our company for a long time and has already been successfully completed by some colleagues."


Graduate of IBWL (B.Sc.)

Raw materials buyer, Evonik Industries AG


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