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Information about the IBWL Bachelor from A to Z

Under → News you will find information from the administration, information about guest lectures or events, as well as general information from the university. We will also inform you here, for example, about course cancellations (due to illness).


You can find your timetables → here.

Situations arise time and again around your studies in which counselling becomes helpful or even necessary. From student counselling to social counselling to legal counselling, several institutions offer a variety of counselling services for different concerns. → Here we give you an overview of the services for students and, as a final point, some links to other relevant counselling services.

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences will offer courses in a hybrid format in the winter semester 2020/2021. This also applies to the IBWL Bachelor.


Due to the still special situation, there are numerous special regulations to enable the smoothest possible study under the existing circumstances. All regulations for the IBWL programme can be found → here.


Please take note of this information, especially regarding the course and examination formats, and special regulations for examination registration and information on your final thesis.


For general examination-related questions, please consult the → FAQ of the examination board.

On the → FAQ and Instructions page, you will find some helpful instructions and overviews, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about studies, examinations and IT systems. The instructions are continuously updated, so if you miss one, please let us know.


In particular, please always consult the → FAQ of the examination board if you have questions about examinations, grades, regulations and examination regulations.

On the → Form Centre page, you will find all the forms relevant to your study organisation.


If you are missing a form, please let us know. You will find the contact details in the right-hand column.

If you have any questions about the IBWL Bachelor, please do not hesitate to → contact us.

The Faculty of Economics regularly publishes a newsletter with current information, reports from excursions and events and much more. You can find the latest issue of the newsletter at https://fbw.h-da.de/fachbereich/organisation/newsletter/

Please remember that you must register for every examination you wish to take by the deadline. For reasons of equal treatment, registrations after the deadline are not possible. The start of the examination and thus the relevant time for registration and deregistration is always the date on which the topic is issued.

Registration for the examination is independent of registration for the courses. You are therefore not automatically registered for the examination if you attend a course.


The following deadlines apply for exam registration:

  1. Registration for examinations is possible up to 48 hours before the examination date.
  2. Registration for assignments etc. is possible up to 48 hours before the issue of the topic.
  3. Special regulation: If the registration period for courses that start at the beginning of the semester ends within the first two weeks of the semester according to the above-mentioned regulations, registration is exceptionally possible up to and including 15.04. or 15.10. in order to ensure a subsequent course entry and orientation in the first days of the semester without disadvantages.
  4. Exception: Registration for the post-exam is possible up to 14 days before the exam date.

Withdrawal from the exam is possible without any problems and without giving reasons up to 24 hours before the exam. It is therefore advisable to register for all exams at the beginning of the semester and to deregister if necessary. You are also welcome to subscribe to our → e-mail reminder for exam registration.


Instructions for registering for and deregistering from exams, including the most important regulations, can be found on the → FAQ and Instructions page.

The examination regulations (ABPO or BBPO) of your degree programme ( →  PO 2018 or → PO2012) form the basis for all regulations regarding examination issues.

Please also refer to the → FAQ of the examination board, especially if there are any uncertainties regarding examination questions.

If you started your studies in the winter semester 2018/2019 or later, you are studying according to the Examination Regulations of 2018 (PO 2018). In the following, you will find all relevant provisions, regulations and orders on which your degree programme is based.


If there are several regulations, the current ones at the time of your start of studies always apply. If you require an older version than is available, please contact the administration of your degree programme.


Module overviews

Module overview PO 2018 part-time

Module overview PO 2018 dual


Module handbooks

Module handbook PO 2018 part-time 

Module manual PO 2018 dual 


Module requirements

Module requirements PO 2018 part-time 

Module requirements PO 2018 dual 


Examination regulations

General provisions of the examination regulations (ABPO)

Special provisions for the examination regulations 2018 (BBPO) part-time

Special provisions for the examination regulations 2018 (BBPO) dual


Fee regulations

Schedule of Fees IBWL Bachelor, from SoSe 2021 

Schedule of fees IBWL Bachelor, from WS 2020/2021 


AGB Continuing Education and Dual Study Centre

General terms and conditions from summer semester 2021


If you started your studies between the winter semester 2012/2013 and the summer semester of 2018, then you are studying according to the Examination Regulations 2012 (PO 2012). In the following, you will find all relevant provisions, regulations and orders on which your degree programme is based:


Module Handbooks

Module Handbook PO 2012 part-time 

Module Handbook PO 2012 dual 


Module overviews

Module overview PO 2012 part-time 

Module overview PO 2012 dual 


Examination regulations

General provisions of the examination regulations (ABPO) 2012

Special provisions for the examination regulations (BBPO) 2012 part-time

Special provisions for the examination regulations (BBPO) 2012 dual


The semester dates of the part-time and dual study programmes in IBWL differ in parts from the generally valid dates at the university. For a better overview, we provide you with the most important dates → here.

You can find your timetable → here. Information on guest lectures or other supplementary events can be found in the → News section.

We offer a number of services and offers related to your studies that you as a student can take advantage of free of charge or for a small fee. → Here we present the most important institutions and departments with their respective services.

In the IBWL Bachelor's programme, we offer you the opportunity to start your studies before you have a university entrance qualification (HZB). This must first be proven at the time of enrolment (usually in the 7th semester).

In principle, there are several ways to acquire the HZB. We have compiled an overview of your options → here.

If you are already studying in the further education part of the IBWL Bachelor and do not have a HZB, taking the university entrance examination will be the right way for you. You acquire the prerequisites to be admitted to this examination by studying - as this is how you achieve the required 400 continuing education hours. You can find more information on the university entrance examination → here or on the website of the → sponsoring university for the field of economics - the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.

Study from A to Z

Here you will find the keyword list, which is intended for students of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and contains relevant and important terms and their explanations.

Here you will find all timetables of the current and previous semesters. You will find the timetables for the coming semester online approx. 3 months before the start of the new semester.

Here you will find the syllabi for the courses of the coming semester. The syllabi will be made available here in good time before the start of course registration (enrolment). (You must be logged in to see the link. You have received the registration data by e-mail).


Contact Bachelor's programme



Contact person and availability

Corona pandemic: special rules

Please note the currently valid special regulations for study and examination operations.


News & Dates

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