Excursions during the Corona Pandemic

New information on the excursions until probably summer 2021.

Since excursions will probably be limited or not possible at all until summer 2021, there are the following possibilities to acquire the course credit via alternative offers.

  • Attendance of virtual Summer & Winter Schools - for research see FAQ, point 13 as well as current announcements at the providers (search via the Internet).
  • Attendance at hackatons with suitable content (not just an IT topic)
  • Attendance at virtual subject conferences with appropriate content as an elective module: Attendance of modules from other subject areas on special topics (if bookable in terms of time and number of participants, please contact the relevant lecturer(s) in good time).
  • In addition, we are planning to offer alternative courses and schools ourselves. Please check the website for current announcements.

Please also visit our Webseite zum Thema Exkursion.