Changes to the recognition process & scale of fees

From the 2020/2021 winter semester, it will be possible for the first time to have continuing education recognised for the IBWL Bachelor's programme.

This means that we have already pre-checked which modules of the IBWL programme can be recognised for you. You can find an overview of the continuing education courses and recognition options hier .

In addition, we are introducing a modified fee schedule for the area of recognition, in which the pro-rata participation fee for recognised modules will be waived. At the same time, a processing fee for recognition processes will be introduced, which will be due for recognition applications submitted from 01.10.2020 onwards. This applies to both individual and blanket recognition processes.

We have compiled all important information on the topic of recognition for you hier . Further information, the recognition process and all forms can be found on your student page in the "FAQ and instructions" section or in the form centre. 

  • FAQ & Anleitungen IBWL Bachelor
  • Formularcenter IBWL Bachelor
  • FAQ & Anleitungen IBWL Master
  • Formularcenter IBWL Master

Of course, the regulations and fees that were valid when you began your studies will always apply to you. However, since the changes have positive effects for you, we would also like to make them available to all students who are already in the middle of their studies. The new regulations will therefore apply to all students from 01.10.2020. Please note that this is a goodwill regulation and does not affect recognition applications that have already been processed.